Distracted Driving Awareness

Josh’s crash was due to distracted driving.   Reaching for a ringing cell phone enabled him to wander across the road and ultimately lose control of the vehicle. Since his crash, we have become more aware of the issues surrounding distracted driving and the dangers for all ages.  This cause is now very close to our hearts.

We decided that it was important to inform as many young drivers that we could about distracted driving through our personal story.   We teamed up with the Impact team at London Health Sciences Centre, and throughout the school year 2012/2013, over 3,000 students heard Meg speaking.  In August 2013, Impact invited us to take part in a video, made possible with funding by the Children’s Health Foundation.  This video is now shown at all Impact presentations throughout London and area high schools.   It is freely available on YouTube and is being viewed across the world.

We realize that we cannot change driving habits overnight but it is our hope that through education and awareness we might make a difference. Even if we save just one life, we could spare a family the heartache of losing a loved one.

If you are interested in having us come along and talk in your school/group, then please contact us.

Winner of the 2013 Ontario Ministry Of Transportation Road Safety Achievement Award in the category of Road Safety Initiative Of The Year

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For more information on distracted driving awareness, please take time to visit these websites:

The Josh Field Support Network proudly supports Parachute, a charitable organization dedicated to preventing injuries and saving lives. 

Visit Parachute’s website to learn more about their tools, networks, and solutions that are helping Canadians live long lives to the fullest.