Bereaved Mothers’ Meditation Group

Grieving is a stressful time for all members of the family.   We are firm believers in meditation and found that it has helped us with our grief.  We hold a group for bereaved mothers on Thursday evenings from 7.30-9pm. It is here that mothers can come along, talk about their children, and meditate in a comfortable environment where they know everyone else understands.

“Meditation means giving oneself a time and a place for deep reflection. When we are grieving, it gives us a time, place and technique for acknowledging our loss at the very core of our being.”

“Meditation helps us realize that we are doing too much thinking. It stills the mind and shuts off the stream of thoughts that keep us from seeing things as a whole.”

If you are interested in joining our Thursday evening meditation group in Belmont, then please feel free to contact us.